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Human Rights:

Kuwait’s foreign policy drew international respect due to its noble goals to serve peace, justice and humanitarian causes everywhere in the World.

Kuwaiti diplomacy has proven itself, over many decades, as a tool for resolving international disputes by peaceful means and for fostering consensus over humanitarian causes and human rights issues.

Thus, the Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait In Geneva has played a pivotal role in executing this policy in the multilateral arena, especially that the host city is center of humanitarian action and human rights.

The Mission took part in the efforts leading to the creation of the Human Rights Council, and has been active in defending its convictions on best ways to serve human rights.

This role was accentuated when Kuwait was elected as member of the Human Rights Council in 2011, and ever since has shouldered the responsibilities that comes with this membership.

The Kuwait Mission has primarily championed the cause of the Palestinian people in its quest to seek justice for the numerous violations of human rights inflicted by the Israeli occupation. It has also participated in cosponsoring all the resolutions on the human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Member of the Asian Group, OIC and the NAM, Kuwait has been consistent in supporting the rights of peoples in the developing world and their aspirations at the Human Rights council.

Kuwait believes that the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights plays an essential role to encourage states to adhere to the principles of the major components of the International Human Right Law. Thus, it has been positively cooperating with the treaty-based bodies and presenting its updates regularly to the concerned committees.

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