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The Compensation Office:


  • The United Nations Compensation Commission was created by Security Council Resolutions 687 of April 1991 and 692 of May 1991.
  • Resolution 687 is the key legal text underlying the Commission whereby paragraphs 18 and 19 lay the institutional foundations of the Commission. In paragraph 18, the Council decided “to create a fund to pay compensation for claims . . . and to establish a Commission that will administer the fund.” Paragraph 19 then directed the UN Secretary-General to develop and submit to the Security Council recommendations for the fund, including proce­dures for evaluating and verifying claims and the means of determining the percentage of Iraq’s oil export revenues to be contributed to the fund. Those recom­mendations were made in the Secretary-General’s report of May 2, 1991. The Security Council adopted the recommendations contained in part I of the Secre­tary-General’s report in Resolution 692.
  • The Secretary-General’s report of May 2, 1991 sets out the institutional framework for the UNCC which consists of the Governing Council, the Commissioners and the secretariat. Read More


  • The Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraq Aggression was established in May of 1991, by Kuwaiti government Decree Law number 6, as the authority responsible for undertaking the defining of the damages and assessing the losses sustained as a result of the Iraqi aggression, and filing of the claims before the UNCC for individuals, companies and the Government. PAAC is an independent governmental body, subordinate only to the Cabinet of Ministers. Read More


  • The United Nations Liaison Office was established in December 1991 as a branch office of PAAC in Geneva with the main objective to liaise between PAAC in Kuwait and the UNCC in Geneva on all aspects of the UNCC claims process.

  • The Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait - UNLO PAAC
    2, avenue de l’Ariana
    1202 Geneva

    Telephone: +41 (22) 740.17.75
    Fax: +41 (22) 740.33.24